‘We wanted to make people smile’: Tesco’s honest Xmas ad is tearing up the ‘naughty list’ – The Drum


As a brand, Tesco has always aimed to reflect the mood of the country in its advertising. That angle has never been more prescient than at the current moment, with Brits in dire spirits under varying degrees of lockdown, and an especially strange Christmas on the horizon.

Developed by agency BBH, and directed by Raine Allen-Miller from production company Somesuch, the ad absolves customers of anything that might have landed them a place on the ‘naughty list’ this year – from bad video call etiquette to buying too much loo roll – and instead encourages them to indulge as much as they want this Christmas.

Taking the temperature

The spot is soundtracked by everyone’s not-so-guilty-favourite anthem, Oops I did it again, by Britney Spears, and prioritises relatability and good humour over escapism.

Tesco’s message